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Get To Know 'Pat Cheney'


Pat Cheney

 A designer to a BRAND!!


Pat Cheney, The Falmouth College of Arts graduated in 1972 with the expertise in Fine arts, Ceramics and knitwear designs. Soon after graduation she found herself more attracted to Jewellery industry. Pat moved to Scotland and started her own brand naming after her name ‘Pat Cheney’ in 1976, Specialising in unique silver and enamel designs, hand wrought gold with diamonds.

‘Pat Cheney’ partnered with John Ditchfield’s Glass art resulting the ONLY & UNIQUE creation named “Chene d’ Glas”

The brand name of ‘Pat Cheney’ grew across the oceans. Sooner enough after the brand launch ‘Pat Cheney’ was in a position to stand against various big brands, nominated in prestigious competitions and was quoted frequently in Art Deco and Art Nouveau fans.

In her own words

“Line and Balance of form has always been an important element in my design, many of which show Art-Deco and Art-Nouveau periods”

In 1990s, ‘Pat Cheney Jewellery’ was relinquished to Ortak Jewellery (a jewellery company based in Kirkwall, Orkney)

Awards & Honourable mentions